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Wed, Feb. 15th, 2006, 07:34 am

Sorry I haven't been very active lately. I promise between today and Friday I'm going to comment on everybody's lj. I've just been so preoccupied with my offline life lately.
{Friday} Went shopping. Got a new outfit with my bday money. Got a ring too, but as of right now, I can't find it.
Went to my brother's basketball game. They won again. They're like 5-0 I think. Then, went to the movies 'round seven with two of my homegirls and one of their boyfriends...
Saw the same boy from the movies at my church and we talked for a bit. He's so cute, but he goes with my friend and she's like a sister to me. But for real, I don't think she deserves him. I mean she has about three different boys. whatever, karma is gonna find her.
Valentines Day, better known as Singles Awareness Day since you can tell who's single, whoever isn't walking around the halls with teddy bears, candy, and roses in their hand. I guess I could've made cookies and wrapped them up for my friends, but I didn't think about. Oh well, everyone knows I still luv em. How was your Valentines Day?

Wed, Feb. 15th, 2006 03:16 pm (UTC)

sounds like you been a busy lil bee lol

my Valentines day was...wonderful to say the least but i'll leave it there for now.

Thu, Feb. 16th, 2006 07:08 am (UTC)

um...my valentine's will have to be made up this weekend because for 1)i was at work for most of it and 2)when i got to my boyfriend's house i was dead tired, but he actually fell asleep first. so i drove back home. wondering where the problem lies...he was getting ready to go out and he wanted me to come with but i was too through after leaving work. at least he wasn't ignorant enough to actually go..cause i told him to but he stayed with me.